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Renovations in Calgary Steered by a Canadian Eco-friendly Initiative

Jennifer Kongs, managing editor of Mother Earth News magazine, discusses how cork products are harvested and how they are viable solutions for homeowners who want to apply it to their homes:

Cork products are made from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber). Much of the world’s cork comes from forests in Portugal, where the trees’ drought resistance allows them to flourish. Harvesters cut and strip the bark during early summer, a process that removes only the dead outer bark layers while leaving the living cambium intact. The cork trees continue to grow unharmed for about nine years before the bark gets harvested again.

Sustainable CorkSustainable cork flooring is made by mixing an adhesive with “waste” cork granules from bottle-stopper production. It’s available in a range of finishes, from wood tones to tile look-alikes, and its natural propensity to repel water and provide acoustic insulation are bonus qualities. Keep your eyes peeled for other sustainable cork products as well, including wall insulation that’s growing in popularity in Europe because of its natural fire resistance and sound-proofing ability.

With the federal government actively setting the initiative to reduce carbon emissions, more and more Canadians are becoming aware of the need to adopt eco-friendly practices. Green homes are on the rise and municipalities are now requiring houses and buildings to meet LEED standards. In Calgary, the first municipality to adopt a sustainable building policy, all major structures are expected to satisfy or exceed the silver level rating of LEED.

The government of Calgary defines a green home or building as a structure that employs sustainable design and construction practices that seek to reduce energy and resource consumption while increasing indoor environmental quality.

For instance, those who want to undertake floor renovations in Calgary should use ecologically sound materials like cork. With insulating, sound-proofing, and water- and fire- resisting abilities, cork flooring is clearly gaining popularity among designers and environmentalists, Home and Garden TV reports. Cork is a renewable source – it comes from the cork oak tree bark, which matures every nine years. Trees are not damaged so homeowners need not worry about forest destruction.

The benefits of a green home renovation undoubtedly outweigh the construction costs.
There are reliable and experienced Calgary renovation companies who understand and support homeowners who want to be part of Canada’s mission and commitment to sustainability. With extensive experience and expertise, general contractors like Proflex Contracting can professionally handle renovation projects and meet each client’s expectations.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Sustainable Cork Flooring: Elegant and Eco-friendly, Mother Earth News, 13 November 2013)

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