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Tips to Promote Productivity through Renovations for Calgary Offices

“The right workspace can greatly increase employee peace of mind and productivity. But before you panic and install a Google-style indoor go-cart track in your accounting firm’s headquarters, relax. All you really need to do to boost your employees productivity is make a few small design tweaks.

It may seem trivial, but a few simple design fixes in your office environment can make you and your employees happier, healthier and much more productive.”

Productive Office

When it comes to renovations for Calgary offices, there are four areas where focus can be directed to promote productivity: color, light, space and comfort.


Simply painting the office with inspiring colors will make a difference. Different dyes and intensities will have varying functions, so pick your colors wisely. For instance, a soft tone of green promotes soothing calmness, while bright yellow stimulates creativity.


“Letting in a lot of natural light increases productivity, energy and creativity, according to [a] study, which showed natural light improved test results and let to customers spending more time in stores.” This can be done through installment of skylights or bold windows.


Maximize space in designating work stations and arranging common areas. “Make sure that employees have the space to get up and take a walk occasionally, or maybe a lounge area where they can get a little work done without sitting in the same place all day.” Remove unnecessary clutter and enforce cleanliness policies for a tidy work environment.


The best way to promote productivity in the workplace is through ensuring comfort. Principles of ergonomics can be applied in choosing furniture, especially the desks and chairs that employees spend hours on. Comfortable utilities like lounges and private phone booths will make employees appreciate their office more.

Consider these practical tips for a more productive and prosperous office. Calgary renovation companies like Proflex Contracting Ltd can be consulted for their professional services from conceptualization of design or style to the actual reconstruction. These efforts will transform the office into an enjoyable place and maybe even a treasured second home.

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